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Strengthening International Collaborations in Energy Innovation

At the PE Energy Centre of Excellence, a flagship institution under the umbrella of PANA Holdings and led by GCEO Mr. Daere Akobo, the recent visit by Mr. Hamshi Tye, the British High Commission’s Second Secretary for Political Affairs, alongside Fortune Alfred, Political Officer and Head of the Port Harcourt Office, marked a pivotal moment in fostering international ties.

This diplomatic exchange spotlighted the burgeoning relationship between the United Kingdom and Nigeria in the realm of energy and innovation. Mr. Daere Akobo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PE Energy Ltd., and his team warmly welcomed the British diplomats, underscoring the Center’s dedication to pioneering research and development within the energy, oil, and gas sectors.

The esteemed guests experienced firsthand the cutting-edge initiatives at the PE Energy Centre of Excellence, renowned for its commitment to advancing technological innovation and sustainable practices. The visit aimed to fortify collaboration, particularly in areas encompassing renewable energy and sustainable development.

Engaging with the facility’s experts and researchers, Mr. Tye and Mr. Alfred gained valuable insights into the latest advancements in energy technology and sustainability practices. They lauded the Center’s emphasis on promoting clean energy solutions and sustainable practices, aligning closely with global efforts to combat climate change.

Mr. Tye, expressing admiration for the Center’s impactful work, emphasized the innovative spirit and commitment of the Nigerian people in addressing contemporary challenges. “The United Kingdom is eager to deepen our partnership with Nigeria in advancing sustainable energy solutions and combating the effects of climate change,” he remarked in a statement.

Echoing similar sentiments, Fortune Alfred highlighted the immense potential for collaboration between the UK and Nigeria in the energy, oil, and gas sectors. “Nigeria stands as a pivotal partner for the United Kingdom in Africa, and the PE Energy Centre of Excellence exemplifies forward-thinking initiatives crucial for a greener, more sustainable future,” he emphasized.

The visit not only facilitated discussions on potential collaborative ventures but also paved the way for joint research projects and knowledge exchange programs. The PE Energy Centre of Excellence enthusiastically embraced the prospect of international collaboration, reaffirming its commitment to spearheading advancements in Nigeria’s Energy, Oil, and Gas sector.

As the global community confronts pressing environmental challenges, the visit of Mr. Hamshi Tye and Fortune Alfred to the PE Energy Centre of Excellence underscores the importance of international partnerships and knowledge-sharing in steering towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.


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