Safety Lifecycle Management

Putting continuous safety strategy into practice requires significant effort and extensive knowledge.

Safety Lifecycle Manager

SLM® (Safety Lifecycle Manager) software is a comprehensive set of interconnected application modules that cover the entire Process Safety and Functional Safety Lifecycle. 
Process Safety Intelligence: SLM’s IPL assessment features allow multiple PSM teams to collaborate in one system to ensure IPLs are independent, specific, dependable and auditable, give credit to those IPLs that pass and track remediation efforts for those layers that fail. 


HAZOP: Instant reports reduce the cost of third-party experts, and the underlying data allows SMEs the ability to study how the organization executes risk management. 
Risk SIL Graph: The Risk Graph SIL Determination module provides the ability to find existing documented hazardous scenarios and, utilizing user defined scenario parameters, calculates the level of integrity that is required to mitigate the hazardous scenario. 
LOPA: Gives users visibility, reduces data collection and population efforts. Risk analysis tools highlight risk gaps and allow managers to assess risk management strategies across their enterprise 
BowTie: BowTie module allows users to execute barrier assessments to ensure that the systems will be effective. Besides that, this module prints a fully populated report on the Barrier Assessment as well as streamlines the Barrier Assessment process. 
SIS: Building Cause and Effect matrices are easy with the click of a button and can be exported to excel. Users can also validate the performance of their SIFs through our in-service SIL Calculations, which can be used to determine the proper test intervals. 
Non-Instrumented: Allows users to create custom safety systems and datasheets. You can Record testing and maintenance activity and upload documents for any non-instrumented safety system, and execute IPL assessments to ensure that these critical systems are independent, specific, and auditable. 
Relief Systems: Relief Systems module allows users to manage engineering data in one system, with links to LOPA and HAZOP data that allow them to track safety critical equipment maintenance and test procedure tracking. 
Functional Safety: The only FSA software tool on the market today. The workflows standardize the assessment process, provide conformance assessment scoring, KPIs and instant reports. The costs of executing an FSA are reduced by 47% or more. 
Operate/ Maintain: Provides maintenance and functional safety teams the ability to manage their asset integrity and reliability programs in full compliance with ISA-84’s Operate and Maintain requirements. 
Action Item Tracker: The Action Item Tracker Module is a centralized area where you can access assigned action item information pulled from all modules for action or reporting. Data relating to the action item is linked across modules and readily available for reference purposes. 
MOC: The only MOC software that ensures accurate analysis of potential hazards. Action items and approval workflows are tracked and issued automatically through our MOC workflow. MOC reports provide you an automatic audit trail.

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