Operational Efficiency

Our solutions optimize efficiency, transparency, and compliance for industrial processes globally, ensuring cost-effectiveness and regulatory adherence.

AML Information Management is a real-time Asset Management & Laboratory system for technicians, engineers, operators, and managers. AML helps analyze the root cause of the problems and or initiate actions based on conditions created by the users. AML provides users with an interface towards the equipment to make their work more efficient, transparent, and from one place in the cloud.

Hint’s AML Information Management

offers a suite of complementary solutions for:
• Automation Transfer applications
• Situations where qualities and quantities need to be accurately monitored,
• Accounted and controlled, as quality and quantity giveaways are directly related to the financial side of the business.
AML Information is divided into three different solutions, but the beauty is that it’s possible to combine these solutions in one application. These three solutions are AML-AMADAS, AML-Metering, and AML-Loading.


  • Online Asset Monitoring & Reporting
  • Manage Risks & KPI
  • On the fly error detection and adjustment
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Optimize Productivity
  • Improve the data Quality
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Faster Time-To-Value

AML Emission Monitoring

is data analysis, handling, and reporting software designed to meet various industrial process monitoring requirements.
AML Emission Monitoring features flexible, modular architecture designed by industry Subject Matter Experts that can be configured for various environmental, engineering, and manufacturing applications. The software can be used standalone or as a part of an AML-CEMDAS, AML-PEMS, and AML-AQMS packaged solution.

01Optimized Lifecycle Costs

02More Time for Core Business

03Customized Services

04Maximum Plant Availability

05Compliant with Laws and Standards

06Global Availability