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Navigating the Hydrocarbon Complexity: AKD Digital Solutions, Your Trusted Partner in Precision Measurement and Allocation Services

Our Measurement Services and Solutions

Welcome to AKD Digital Solutions, your premier partner for Measurement services for custody transfer, fiscal, allocation and process metering. Including technical inspections & audits of measurement systems, and industrial data acquisition and management solutions. In the intricate landscape of hydrocarbon production, ensuring fair and accurate measurement & allocation is paramount. However, this process is fraught with complexities, ranging from operational nuances to contractual intricacies, which can lead to substantial losses if not managed meticulously.

Mitigating these risks requires a rigorous approach, and that's where AKD Digital Solutions steps in. With our extensive experience and expertise, we specialize in conducting hydrocarbon measurement and allocation system inspections & audits to safeguard your interests and optimize your operations.
steel pipelines and cables in a plant,Industrial zone.
Key Components of our Inspection Services
01System Integrity Assessment

We conduct a thorough examination of your measurement systems to assess their overall integrity, identifying any potential issues or vulnerabilities that may compromise accuracy.

02Instrument Calibration Verification

Our team verifies the calibration of all instruments involved in the measurement process, ensuring that they are correctly calibrated and providing accurate readings.

03Flow Measurement Accuracy Testing

We perform comprehensive flow measurement accuracy tests to verify the performance of your flow meters and ensure that they are providing precise measurements.

04Data Validation and Analysis

Our inspection process includes validation and analysis of measurement data to identify any discrepancies or irregularities that may indicate measurement errors or malfunctions.

05Regulatory Compliance Check

We ensure that your measurement systems comply with relevant industry regulations and standards, helping you avoid potential fines or penalties for non-compliance.

06Recommendations for Improvement

Based on our findings, we provide recommendations for improving the performance and efficiency of your measurement systems, helping you optimize production processes and minimize losses.

Our Audit Approach

  • Hydrocarbon Measurement System Audits: We meticulously examine your systems to ensure accurate measurement of quantities used in Custody Transfer, Allocation, or Environmental calculations.
  • Hydrocarbon Allocation System Audits: We scrutinize your allocation systems to ensure fairness and accuracy in product entitlements, aligning with commercial rules and regulations.

Delivered in Detail:

  1. Research & Review: We kick off our audit process with thorough desk-based research, analyzing your system’s performance, commercial requirements, and process flow diagrams. This sets the foundation for our fieldwork and site audit visits.
  2. Audit Fieldwork: Our experts conduct first-hand examinations, from system installation to stakeholder interviews, meticulously scrutinizing data sources and records. This comprehensive approach allows us to identify key issues and anomalies.
  3. Analysis & Reporting: Collating all relevant information, we conduct in-depth analysis to prioritize findings based on financial impact. Our audit reports provide clear insights and recommendations for necessary actions.

Introducing Measurement Atlas

Our innovative platform, Measurement Atlas, revolutionizes the management of field measurement devices and data processing algorithms. By organizing information intuitively and graphically, it enhances decision-making and business performance in Exploration and Production.

Key Features:

  • Overview of production data generation, validation, and reporting
  • Fluid properties according to international standards
  • Access to details of production data sources and their status
  • Tools for production calculation and algorithm viewing
  • KPI overview for metering performance monitoring
  • Scalable, flexible, web-based access for authorized users worldwide

Benefits of Measurement Atlas:

  • PC-based flow computer approved for Custody Transfer
  • Hardware-independent and scalable
  • Remote maintenance and web-based access
  • Seamless integration with ERP, LIMS, and Process Automation Systems

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Partner with AKD Digital Solutions to unlock the full potential of your measurement and allocation systems. Our comprehensive solutions and innovative tools empower you to navigate the complexities of hydrocarbon production with confidence and efficiency.