AKD Digital Solutions and Aveva Select West Africa Join Forces to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Nigerian Industries


Following the momentum of the prestigious Nigerian International Energy Summit 2024, AKD Digital Solutions Ltd. (AKD), a leading Nigerian provider of cutting-edge digital solutions, and Aveva Select West Africa, a global leader in industrial software, today announced a strategic partnership to empower businesses across Nigeria with next-generation digitalization solutions. This collaboration aims to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability for Nigerian companies operating in various sectors, including oil and gas, power, and manufacturing. Through this partnership, AKD will leverage Aveva’s industry-leading software portfolio to offer comprehensive digital transformation services and solutions to its clients.

Enabling Digital Transformation for Nigerian Businesses

“We are thrilled to partner with Aveva Select West Africa, a renowned global leader in industrial software,” said Mr. Daere Akobo, CEO of AKD Digital Solutions Ltd. “This partnership positions us to deliver a truly transformative experience for our clients. By combining our expertise in digital solutions with Aveva’s best-in-class software, we can empower Nigerian businesses to optimize their operations, gain deeper insights from their data, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.”

Mr. Akobo further emphasized the importance of this partnership for the Nigerian economy: “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our national aspirations for digital transformation and industrial development. By providing advanced digital solutions, we can contribute to creating a more efficient, productive, and sustainable industrial landscape in Nigeria.”

Aveva Select West Africa Committed to Supporting Nigerian Businesses

“Aveva Select West Africa is committed to empowering businesses around the world to achieve operational excellence and sustainability,” said Mr. Dion Govender, CEO of Aveva Select West Africa “We are excited to partner with AKD Digital Solutions Ltd., a trusted leader in the Nigerian digital solutions space. This partnership will enable us to extend the reach of our solutions and support the digital transformation journey of businesses across various sectors in Nigeria.”

Mr. Govender elaborated on the potential benefits this partnership holds for Nigerian businesses: “By combining Aveva’s industry-leading technology with AKD’s deep understanding of the local market and its expertise in digital solutions, we can offer Nigerian businesses a comprehensive solution to unlock new levels of efficiency, improve decision-making, and navigate the evolving industrial landscape.”

A Strategic Partnership for a Brighter Future

This strategic partnership between AKD Digital Solutions Ltd. and Aveva Select West Africa holds immense potential to transform the digital landscape of Nigerian industries. By offering cutting-edge digital solutions and fostering innovation, this collaboration can empower businesses to:

  • Optimize operational workflows: Streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Enhance data management and analytics: Leverage data-driven insights for informed decision-making and improved performance.
  • Drive sustainability: Implement solutions that promote responsible resource management and minimize environmental impact.
  • Increase competitiveness: Gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace by adopting advanced technologies.

This partnership, announced on the heels of the Nigerian International Energy Summit 2024, underscores the nation’s commitment to embracing digital transformation and propelling its industrial sector forward. By combining their expertise and resources, AKD and Aveva Select West Africa aims to play a pivotal role in building a more digitally empowered and sustainable future for Nigerian industries.


Dr. Elena Papanikolaou
Director, Strategic Partnerships
PANA Holdings
No. 5 Vattern Street, off Amazon Street
Maitama, Abuja FCT.


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