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AKD Digital Solutions Acquires Majority Equity Stake in Techmetz, Paving the Way for a Robust Payment Ecosystem in Africa

In a strategic move to revolutionize the financial landscape in Africa, AKD Digital Solutions proudly announces its acquisition of a majority equity stake in Techmetz, a leading Nigerian Payment System Solutions company. The partnership brings together the combined expertise of two industry leaders, forming a formidable alliance that will drive financial inclusion, technological innovation, and economic growth across the continent.

Daere Akobo, Chairman of PANA Holdings, in the interim, will pilot Techmetz as Managing Director, drawing on his robust background in strategy and management to steer the company’s trajectory during this period. Mr. Akobo expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to unlocking Africa’s full potential. With AKD Digital Solutions’ financial prowess and Techmetz’s local market knowledge, we are well-positioned to provide cutting-edge payment solutions tailored to the specific needs of the African population.”




Ronak Patel, Vice President of AKD Digital Solutions, will join the board of directors, bringing a wealth of experience and strategic vision. Patel stated, “Our vision is to be the driving force of Africa’s digital economy, empowering businesses, organizations, and individuals to thrive in the modern digital age. We believe in unlocking Africa’s potential by offering a one-stop payment solution that caters to the diverse needs of the continent.”




Val Amadi, appointed to the board as a Non-Executive Strategic Advisor added, “Techmetz’s in-depth understanding of local markets and regulatory environments, combined with AKD Digital Solutions’ global perspective, creates a synergy that will propel the region towards a cashless and digitally inclusive future.”





AKD Digital Solutions Financial Payment Focus: Unlocking Africa’s Potential

Despite Africa’s rapid growth, limited access to secure and convenient payment solutions poses a significant challenge. AKD Digital Solutions aims to tackle this issue head-on by providing a diverse range of payment methods, ensuring universal reach, seamless integration, unmatched security, and driving financial inclusion. The focus is on creating a flexible and scalable payment ecosystem that empowers individuals and businesses across the continent.

Techmetz: Tailored Solutions for Local Markets
Techmetz, with its deep understanding of local markets and regulatory environments, offers tailored payment solutions that prioritize accessibility and compliance. The company introduces cutting-edge technology, ensuring advanced and secure payment options that stay ahead of industry trends. With a focus on financial inclusion, streamlined payment ecosystems, and security measures, Techmetz is set to play a pivotal role in transforming Africa’s digital landscape.

Together, AKD Digital Solutions and Techmetz aim to create a world where everyone has access to the financial tools they need to thrive. Join us on this journey as we unlock Africa’s full potential and usher in a brighter, digitally inclusive future.

Dr. Elena Papanikolaou
Director, Strategic Partnerships
PANA Holdings
No. 5 Vattern Street, off Amazon Street
Maitama, Abuja FCT.


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